What to do in Charleston

A city marked by its historic charm, Charleston, South Carolina has so much more to offer than just age-old history! Enchanted by the romantic feels and colorful scenery, Taylor was entranced by the long cobblestone streets leading to endless amounts of wonderful shopping and delicious restaurant upon restaurant. In between the Southern C Summit, Taylor managed to find the cutest shops, places to stay and foodie gems, sharing them all below:

Eat: Magnolias, The Macintosh, Tavern & Table, FIG, Husk, The Ordinary

Coffee: Rise, The Daily, Caviar & Bananas

Stay: The Mills House, Zero George Street

Shop: Croghan's, Julep, Hampden Clothing


Added Bonus…

Southern C Takeaways:

-Surround yourself with people who inspire you to do better

-Put goals into your calendar as all day events to serve as reminders

-Delegating is key

-Twitter is having a comeback moment

-Remember: work on your business, not in it!