Vail Valley Girl

Vail Valley Girl


As if you need a reason to visit Vail Valley, a friend of Taylor's living there fulltime has proved reason enough for Taylor to visit on a regular basis. During her visits, Taylor has developed her favorite dining and shopping destinations that we're excited to share with you!




Perch is always Taylor's first stop and go-to shopping destination in Vail. From Alexis to Kelly Wynn and brands you don’t see in your hometown boutiques, Perch has a wide collection of fun, creative yet classic designs. In case your suitcase isn't overflowing after your visit to Perch, don't miss out on the top knotch selections at Blitz, Due & Luca Bruno



Grab an almond milk latte and hearty breakfast at Northside Cafe in Avon (their homeade ciabatta bread is to-die-for). Now that you're loaded down with bags from your morning shopping, lunch and sip rosé with a view at The Remedy Bar at the Four Seasons in Vail. Ready to hit the town? Dine on a creative meal in an amazingly designed interior at Boxcar. Finish off with a drink at Edwards' quaint The Rose. But don't stop there! Wake up and brunch at Vintage in Vail. The champagne float is a must and the mint green awning is definitely Insta worthy!


While there is a never ending list of amazing dining and shopping destinations in the Vail Valley, these are sure to impress. You may even just run into Taylor while you're there!