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You can learn a lot about a girl by peeking into her purse to see the few things she must always carry. But, what provides even more insight about someone is asking for the top five things they absolutely cannot live without. We all know Taylor selflessly loves others, fuels herself with coffee and tirelessly runs her own company, but what is it that she considers her top five necessities? Taylor confidently gave her top five with no hesitation in her voice; this girl knows what she needs in order to succeed:




-fresh flowers

-friends & family


Have you thought about the top five things you can't live without? Give it a try!

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Everyone has that special someone they can always look up to when they're seeking advice and inspiration. When the times get rough, there's the one piece of advice received to fall back on that will propel them forward. For Taylor, the best piece of advice she has ever received is, "nothing worth having comes easy" and that has stuck with her. When work seems to pile so high there's no end in sight, or morning comes around without a full nights rest, this is the advice that Taylor remembers in order to keep her working to her very best. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? 


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After a chaotic week of meetings and late nights working on designs, Taylor looks forward to the weekend for catching up with both friends and sleep. Of course, work is always a priority and carries over to many weekends, so if it were up to her, this is how all weekends would look for Taylor…

Friday night would kick off with a fun dinner accompanied by friends. Soon after would come the cocktails in hand and conversations lasting long into the night!

Wake up Saturday morning for a long walk through Highland Park with a dear friend, complete with a pit stop for coffee along the way. Taylor would then swing by her house to get dressed for the day, straighten up the house, and meet up with a bestie at Northpark to help her pick out an outfit for an upcoming date! They’d decide they were hungry, making the unanimous decision to pop in the Mermaid Bar at Neimans. Almost always the delicious ice tea is ordered with a glass to go. After a few more hours of shopping, all of the sudden they’d realize it's almost dinnertime and Taylor would run home to get dolled up for a yummy dinner and maybe a movie with that special someone.

The 9:30 morning service at Park Cities Presbyterian Church has Taylor up at 7:30 a.m. picking out a spring outfit for a sometimes rather chilly sunny Sunday morning. After running by Eatzi's post service, she crashes on the couch for a solid three hour nap, but still feels as if she is outside due to the cool breeze blowing through the back screen door. A quick walk through the neighborhood finishes off a sweet, friendship-filled, restful weekend!


What does your ideal weekend look like? 

Say hello to fresh flowers, blue skies, pastel colors and windows open while working! We completely adore springtime and all the lovely components that come alongside it. It seems our moods instantly lift and we are aching to spend every moment outside in the gorgeous weather. Patios with fruity drinks while dressed in peppy outfits are calling our names, and that’s not all we are head over heels for about this spring:


Heels with fringe

Bone and wood bracelets

Chunky chain necklaces

Off the shoulder blouses

Striped Jumpsuits

Straw hats for everyday, not just the beach

Vacays to Charleston

Windows down, music up


We couldn't be more thrilled to officially welcome spring this Sunday! What are your favorite parts about the spring?


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Aloha, Ciao, Shalom, Kon’nichiwa, Hola! With Spring Break right around the corner for so many Hazen wearers, we can’t help but daydream about where we would head to…jump on a cruise to the Caribbean? Jet over the Atlantic to Londontown? Road trip through the states? We’ve got a major case of wanderlust on our hands and are dying to know where all you jetsetters are heading for the week off! If you don’t have the week off, where are you dreaming of going? We would pack our bags and be heading straight for Rosemary Beach! 


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Saunter into Taylor’s office and you’ll immediately be struck by the bright pops of color and artwork inspired by various areas of life. Enamored by pretty pastels and words of wisdom, Taylor's love of quotes can be seen on all four walls of the office. Vibrant colors break up softer shades and inspiration boards with magazine clippings, photographs and other miscellaneous items never cease to leave Taylor fueled. An office space is where the magic happens, so it only makes sense that this room is as uplifting as Taylor herself!  

Inspiration can be found in the simplest and strangest of places. While driving to work, watching a random tv commercial, or after conversing with an old friend. Taylor currently finds inspiration from an array of places, events and items, such as:

-New York Fashion Week: say hello to an abundance of color, unbelievable fashion and trends.

-Geometric wallpaper: such a fun and playful print.

-Abstract art: stop, pause and think.

-Gray Malin: talk about breathtaking photography that makes one want to escape to the beach!

-Altuzarra shoes: kind of obsessed. So on point!

-70s trends: why can’t we still dress in bell bottoms and mini skirts everyday?  


Where have you been finding your inspiration lately? 

We all have our nighttime rituals…some of us journal, some read, some plop right down and are catching zzz’s before ten seconds have even passed. Carefully placed upon her bedside table, you’ll find Taylor’s Bible, alarm clock, chapstick, water, lotion and notepad for late night thoughts. Taylor takes time to relax at night by reading her Bible and reflecting on the day before getting her beauty sleep. This helps to steady her mind and focus on what is really important. What essentials are on your nightstand?


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Taylor has been busy, busy, busy! But then again, what’s new there? She worked the Dallas Market for almost ten days, taking a day off at the very end for the Create + Cultivate Conference held at Loft Spaces in Dallas this past weekend. Create + Cultivate is a creative conference for female entrepreneurs and seeks to inspire and entertain them both online and offline. This conference was the largest one yet with over 400 women and was completely sold out! Taylor notes Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power of Clique Media Group as her favorite speakers; their willingness to continually think outside the box, take risks, and put in the needed time and effort resonated with Taylor, as she hopes to be giving this advice to others in 10 to 15 years. Hearing how all these accomplished and successful women (and few men!) started just where Taylor is now was so refreshing and inspiring, serving as a great reminder that anyone can do it with perseverance and determination. Create + Cultivate inspired, ignited passion and connected hundreds of women to one another; what an empowering experience to be a part of! 

Amongst all the jewels, fashion, socializing, and hard work, there was still time for exploring Atlanta. Atlanta is great for all you foodies out there, so I hope you’re hungry! Like many other frequenters of Atlanta, Taylor and Dana popped into Shake Shack for that necessary greasy burger, Krog Street Market for quick, yet unique prepared foods, Gypsy Kitchen for Spanish cuisine and Jeni’s ice cream to satisfy all sweet cravings. They also discovered some hidden gems along the road. If a hole-in-the-wall place doesn’t have you doing a little jig up and down the street, then you need to change your attitude and give one of these two places a try:


~Look to Portofino for an intimate setting serving Italian eats along with a broad list of wines. Such a cute little spot with outstanding food!

~Buttermilk Kitchen fed Taylor a biscuit practically the size of her head and there were no complaints from her side. A basic setup and casual decorations make this a simple lunch destination to catch up with friends and leave with a happy heart and full belly.

What Atlanta food spots are your favorites? Let us know! 


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