All That Glistens Blog

We are thrilled to now have a presence in Grayton Beach, Florida through the store Beau Interiors. Beau Interiors is built around the beautiful colors of the coast. We love their unique store environment created by exposed brick walls layered with one-of-a-kind artwork, furniture, and accessories. Be sure to stop by today to check out their most recent shipment of Hazen Jewelry! Visit their website here.

One of our favorite elements of pursuing Hazen Jewelry is the opportunity to work with inspiring store owners and entrepreneurs. This privilege is always present when working with our dear friends at Excentricities, who have storefronts in West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach and Del Ray Beach, Florida and Westhampton Beach, New York! Each one of these stores is truly a work of art, pieced together with unique items from companies such as Nest Fragrances, Lacefield Designs, Dana Gibson and …. Hazen Jewelry! As of today, Hazen Jewelry can be purchased on the Excentricities website here.