The Hazen Story

The Hazen Story
Taylor Miller

Designer Taylor Miller discovered her love for jewelry design and creation at an early age. After being introduced to the art at the age of nine, she eagerly developed her own unique design style and dove into the design world after repurposing her grandmother’s costume jewelry as new creations. Within six months of beginning to make jewelry, Taylor held her first trunk show at the acclaimed store Oxford Floral in Oxford, Mississippi and was named the Mississippi Museum of Art’s young artist of the year (2002).

For years, Taylor honed her skills on her bead-swathed bedroom floor, creating nearly all of her collections entirely by hand. As the line has grown, Taylor continues to oversee the creative direction and material selection of the jewelry and has enlisted skilled assistants to help her produce her designs, always with the same attention to detail. A Houston native, Taylor is a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Today, having sold tens of thousands of pieces of jewelry, Taylor continues to share her passion and creative flair with others through distinctive collections that make up the Hazen line.


Hazen Jewelry Today

Since 2002, Hazen Jewelry has been dedicated to exquisitely handcrafting playful and feminine jewelry that embodies both timeless elegance and modern sensibility. Designer Taylor Miller finds inspiration at every turn, be it in a sunrise, architecture or a vintage textile. Taylor correlates what she finds awe-inspiring and beautiful in her surroundings into the construction of her work. Each piece is composed of luxurious semi-precious materials, emphasizing the natural stones’ brilliant colors and textures.

Worn with jeans or a little black dress, Hazen Jewelry finishes every outfit with its ease of wear and fashionable presence. Hazen Jewelry is a lifestyle brand, made for the woman who strives to live life passionately, gracefully, and most of all, joyfully. Hazen Jewelry is sold in boutiques and specialty stores worldwide for your convenience and enjoyment! See a complete list of Hazen’s retail partners here.


  • Mission: To create and sell distinctive, quality products that both showcase the inherent beauty of the materials used and embody the creative spirit of the customers who enjoy them.

  • Vision: To be a lifestyle brand cultivating inspired, joyful living.